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Relationships tips: How to hold space in vulnerable conversations.

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

How to hold space for someone in vulnerable talks 💕 1. “Take the bridge” over to him/her, which means be present and curious what their island looks and feels like. Be loving and brave enough to for a moment leave your own “island” of old filters. Listen through that persons world. 2. Stay present and listen through your heart= no judgements. 3. if you feel triggered, witness your own old pattern of need jerk reactions, take some deep breaths and keep coming back to your heart and hear that person as you are listening to hers/his little inner 5-7 year old child. 4. Mirror, Make sure you understood correctly, check if they need to add or change anything. 5. Validate, show and tell them that what they share makes sense. 6. Give empathy. Empathy can sound like…hearing you sharing this I can only guess makes you feel….fill in what your empathy tells you..ex sad, scared, angry.. 7. Ask if she/ wants a hug If so give a looong healing hug 🤗 What you just did now might save that person many therapy hours and you probably got a big opportunity to heal something inside of you. Love is gifting and receiving in action.

What holding space is NOT!: 1. listening from your own filter or old pain. Which leads you trying to stop them expressing themselves. 2.Making it all about you, or how hurt you feel when they share. 3. Trying to comfort…it is not so bad or don’t be sad.

Welcome to my blog post. Please share your thoughts and experinces.

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