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Combining proven scienced-based tecnologies with wide and deep experience

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Grow Your Vision

Anna Ullenius Your Leadership Coach with long, wide and deep experience for unlocking human potentials, transformation and change. Elevate Yourself and Your Organisation Now.

“I had the pleasure to attend 2,5 days  of the Change Workshop, I strongly recommend it as it provides a clear methodology for a CHANGE process.  The program is routed in the latest advancements on the science of the brain and body AND IT PROVIDES YOU WITH THE TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE.  it is suitable for any level of the COMPANY either be iN THE LEADERSHIP GROUP OR TEAM LEADERS OR OTHER,  it fits everyone.
Finally one word for the amazing professionalism and knowledge of Anna, definitely we were in good hands, her ability to connect and share her own transformation voyage is truly inspiring and reassuring."

- Pericles Moira Financial and software Consultant, Finland

Alexa Young, CA

About Anna 

Anna's driving force is to unleash others' inner potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. With this approach and her strong intuition, Anna inspires and transforms people, supporting them in self-healing and connecting with their own inner wisdom and greatness.

Anna holds a Master's degree in Psychology. Since 2000, she has worked as a consultant and trainer in leadership, personal, group, and organizational development, inspiring and touching the lives of thousands of individuals.

Anna is trained and certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza at NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) and works with their method based on neuroscience, developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

She is also certified in Introspective Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions, certified as a coach, certified Zen coach, NLP master, and NLP coach, among many other areas she has studied in personal development and consciousness.

Anna conducts courses and trainings in various parts of the world in areas such as leadership, coaching, and personal development. One of her specialties is using horses as co/coaches when working with the development of individuals, leaders, and teams.

With her extensive experience and numerous trainings, Anna has developed effective methods and trainings for real change and transformation.

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