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Work individually with me 

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 - Do you feel that there must be something more to life? You might have accomplished  many of your goals in life and you still feel there is something missing? 

 - Are you longing for deeper connection? 

 -  Is there a inner itch, frustration or feeling of emptiness although on the outside you might  have everything you thought you wanted? 

I will coach you, guide you and facilitite you, on your own journey to connect deeper wihtin to unleash your true potential!

Benefits working with me: 

  • Mastering your mind and negative self-talks and learn how to overcome what’s blocked you in the past.

  • Clarity about your purpose to a sense of inner alignment, joy, peace and fulfillment.

  • Have a more loving, fullfilling and deeper connection with yourself and others.

  • Receive tools that directly apply to life and train you to achieve greater self-mastery, abundance, and manifestation in your life.

  • Empowerment, knowledge and processes and tools to self-heal.

As an Intuitive Holistic Coach with 25 years of experience coaching and facilitating people to change and embody their authentic inner wisdom and  mastery and I am truly looking forward to work with you discovering and unleashing yours!

Gouscha, Poland

"It was perfect! You created a space that allows vulnerability. You create allowance and I was able to open. I felt secure knowing that we  could work on comming subjects. It was a four day workshop and every minute was worth it! I know I´m not going back to Poland I´m going forward! Thank you Anna for being You"

Kristen Hughes Landres, Canada

 "There are no words to describe the phenomenance, transformation and future creation that took place during this class with Anna and now some weeks after it is still changing and improving, I feel much more present and calmer, my old pattern of reactions are gone"

Goril Hobnes, Norway

"The Introspective Hypnoses session with Anna stands out as some of the most transformatormative sessions in my 25 years of healing work. With her patience, kindness and warmth, she guided me into my subconscious, in ways I have never been able to access on my own, or with others. Because of Annas loving presence, I trusted her completly and could access memories that had, up until now, dominated my whole life. I could finally start to take my power back! "
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