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"I am a Leadership Coach  with a Mission to Unlock Human Potentials"

For 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work with my passion, transforming lives. I have empowered and guided thousands of individuals in change and transforming themselves to unlock their potentials.

My own inner and outer life journey, through both highs and lows, from disease to vibrant self-healing, has enhanced my experience, knowledge, and wisdom, leading me to a greater and deeper understanding of the process.


Working with all these amazing clients has provided me with valuable insights, profound knowledge, and the tools and processes that I employ today to transform individuals and groups and organisations in empowering and guiding them achieve their goals and desires.


I have a master's degree in Psychology and Social Science. Since 2000, I am facilitating change and transformation, from an individual level to teams and organisations. I have worked with small, medium sized companies to large international companies, in the private sector, as well as the public sector as hospitals and the Swedish Correction Service.   I have as well worked with young trubbeled  people and as a family and network therapist for a municipality.


Topic as how to facilitate change to leaderships trainings, personal, groups and organizational development.

I am trained and certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza at NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) and works with their method based on neuroscience, developed by Drs. Joe Dispenza. I am also Certified in Introspective Hypnosis, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Zen coach, NLP master and NLP Coach, among many other areas I have studied in personal development and awareness. I give courses and trainings in most parts of the world, in areas such as self-leadership, leadership, coaching, and personal development.

One of my specialties is using horses as co/coaches when she works with the development of individuals, leaders and teams. With my long experience and many trainings,  developed effective ways for transformation and self-healing.


I am on a mission to unlock human potential, facilitate and coach people to self-healing, reconnect with their  wisdome,  through tools and methods based in neuroscience and through mentorship and guidance. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you / Anna Ullenius


How it all began…

As long as I can remember, I have felt a strong calling to uplift and support people on their journey to self awareness , empowerment, authenticity, creativity,  self-healing, and accessing their true innate power and consciousness.

My clients have been my greatest inspiration to continue and expand the work that I am doing.

My mission is to help you open your heart, unleash your potential and connect with your unlimited soul so that you can start living an unlimited life. There are many ways in which I can assist you, regardless of where you are on your inner journey. 


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