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Repair don´t Despair in Relationships

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

How to create a closer more intimate relationship after Ouch! #forgivness #loverelationships #iamsorry #consciouscommunication #lovelanguage #intimacy

We are all humans and that means not being perfect, sometimes we mess up and hurt others. Repairing in relationships is really important. Own it allow the person you might unintentionally hurt know that you mean it.

1. Self forgiveness and self compassion and connect with your own heart. We feel each other through our hearts.

2. When you don’t feel any need to defend yourself or make it about you, stay in your own heart and be watchful for any need to protect or explain yourself.

3. State your words in a way where you take full responsibility for your words and actions. Let your energy be aligned with your words. Say something like I am truly sorry that I hurt you. 4.Hold space for the other person to feel it. Don’t expect anything back.

5. Ask if the are ready for a warm hug ☺️

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